Covid-19: How to stay in the lead

Sabine Hoffmann
3 min readMar 16, 2020


Vienna, March 9, 2020

One week ago, on March 9 my beloved grandma passed away. One of the sadest mornings in my life so far. As I had taken the weekend in order to say goodbye and thanks to the caring sympathy of my family and friends I could finally accept her going home while staying connected from heart to heart, across this universe.

What happened from Tuesday on, is history: the Austrian government urged us to stay at home and reduce social contacts. Which me and my team decided to do from the following day on.

My Home Office for Corona times

Since then I am processing with my heart, my mind and my soul what this all means. A small virus grounding our whole social and economic system, while generating space for our planet to recover from human exploitation.

Me staying in a kind of comfort zone by managing this situation for my team, my business, my family and friends.

Observing my actions and thoughts I find myself very conscious about the situation. This unchangeable situation.

Back in September I learned in a mindfullness training not to interfere with things I can not change. And yes, I can change hardly anything about this virus. Except staying home, what I do.

BUT, what I can change is my reaction: trusting in the leadership of our country, letting go any resistance or fear in order to get in the flow of the new normal. Times where we are united as Human BEINGs. Talking to each other from heart to heart, caring for each other, feeling as one community again.

How to stay in the lead and even reinvent yourselves in these days?

Create your own routines: in the morning, during the day and in the evening. To have some kind of structure in your days, in order to calm down the monkeys in your mind. Be it Yoga, running, meditating, playing your own music, … whatever connects you to yourself.

Deal with your emotions: by respecting them, watching them and letting them go… did you know that an emotion lasts for 90 seconds only? Meditation is a way to practice observing and letting go thoughts and emotions that come to your mind. I started into my meditation rituals with the Headspace App back in April.

Let your subconscious express itsself: The technique of journaling helps me to gain insight in my mind. In order to become more aware of my thoughts and needs. Take a piece of paper, a pen and a question, e.g. “What makes me feel weak in these days?”. And then do not stop writing for the next 3 minutes. Read what you have written. In my case very interesting thoughts appear that help me to grow! Every day.

Take your time for being yourself: versus doing things. Something we can practice now, being at home without any distraction. After a working day: sitting, relaxing, reflecting on “What am I meant for in this life?”, “What is my contribution to this planet?” It is your duty to use your uniqueness to shape yourself and this planet. To a next level of humanity and mindfullness.

Redream your life: What if you lived to your full potential? Every day! Opening your heart, being vulnerable but feeling yourself. No matter if your are “working” or “living”. Assuming you had only ONE life. This life. Where you are always yourself. In each and every situation. Happy. Playful. Respecting nature and every other creature.

Stay connected and take this situation now as a chance to reinvent your way of expressing your uniqueness to your families, friends and colleagues! In order to create a new quality of living on this planet: Living in the now while planning for the future. Integrating our hearts, bellies and minds.

Let´s stay in the lead four ourselves and the future of this planet. Which is now.



Sabine Hoffmann

Designing learning journeys for myself and people around me, to unleash their full potential in order to change this planet every day. #empowerthisplanet