Growth Mindset: It´s all about Learning

Some days ago, on January 9 after a Heli flight to the glaciers Fox and Franz Josef (in New Zealand), I suddenly realized, that the growth journey I started back in 2004 is not only taking place in my coaching sessions, educations, my team and my projects. But in „every day“- situations where I have the big „AHA-Moments“ for growing my mind. In the following blogs I will share the experiences that formed and form my growth mindset. Such as performing my climbing classes, making cheese with my own hands, canoeing with my beloved husband, exploring the 20 km Tongariro Alpine Crossing…

Before starting this blog, I will give you a little background to the milestones of my journey: in 2004 I founded my own Business after some years of experience as product manager and marketeer in telecommunication and consulting. At that time the idea of Buzz Marketing (Word of Mouth) was brand new (in the US) and so I started my little business back then in Vienna. And you know what? Before I even had a power point presentation or a website ready, the first big customer signed and we started with a trend scout and brand ambassador program for the mobile incumbent in Austria. For like 8 years we focused on Marketing programs, becoming more and more digital.

„Digital“ seems to be the key that turned my life. Working together with corporates I realized how important it was and still is to turn organizations´ mindsets into growth mindsets, being concerned about improving instead of being concerned of judged (fixed mindset).

In order to grow from my expertise in Marketing (focusing the customer´s perspective) into this organizational change process I started an educational journey in Change Management (Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg), Exponential Technologies (Singularity U), Holacracy (Holacracy One), Design Thinking (dSchool in Stanford), Agile Practices and Leadership (Angel Diaz Maroto, Scrum Alliance) and Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation (HPI Potsdam & Stanford). And will be happy to carry on… 😉

And I continue practicing and learning with my own company, as we reorganized radically in 2016 to interdisciplinary teams (for serving similar customers´ needs), replacing our former expert teams. Currently we are transforming into an even more growth minded organization in order to prepare for for the next market phase, when business models made for the industrial age will no longer succeed and be replaced by new digital principles and businesses. By creating growth zones for ourselves and our customers in order to strengthen resilience.

Designing learning journeys for myself and people around me, to unleash their full potential in order to change this planet every day. #sustainablefuture

Designing learning journeys for myself and people around me, to unleash their full potential in order to change this planet every day. #sustainablefuture