How to transform this planet as a collective

Winter 2020 in Austria.

Mindset first!

Let´s get together on one big table and talk

It all starts with observing…

  • Which changes in our environmental system impact our social, mental and physical health?
  • What does happiness mean to people and even animals all over the planet?
  • What kind of impact do humans want to leave on this planet?
  • What are the visions and wishes of young and old people for our future?
  • ...

The Story of our Future

CoCreating and CoEvolving

The good news: you can start now!

  • I stopped eating meat almost 4 years ago — enjoying vegetables as never before, e.g. thanks to Yotam Ottolenghi.
  • I drive my bike to the office every day, since summer — and guess what? I do enjoy this kind of “me-time” and “freedom” especially during lockdowns. And I do this every day, no matter if it´s sunny, rainy or snowy. A good opportunity to train decisiveness ;-)
Playing the piano in public.
  • I try new things that drive me out of my comfort zone, in order to prepare myself for unexpected situations: I played the piano publicly without knowing how to play the piano, I went to a thai box training without having tahiboxed ever before, I joined the grape harvest in stead of sitting in my office, I went swimming at one degree celsius and snowfall outside, … great experiences, all in one year.
  • I train my body, in order to have a solid base for my mind and my experiences: started running on an regular basis in the first lockdown in March, practicing Yoga and climbing.
Thai Box Experience.
  • In order to train my consciousness and my focus, I practice meditation and mindfullness.
  • I started my new business to inspire people´s lives and support them in reliefing their full potential in order to impact this planet.
  • I train myself in new ways of working and designing experiences in order to have tools to make this big change a playful experience!

Are you in?



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Sabine Hoffmann

Sabine Hoffmann

Designing learning journeys for myself and people around me, to unleash their full potential in order to change this planet every day. #empowerthisplanet