It´s time for me to speak up — for our FUTURE!

Sabine Hoffmann
3 min readDec 11, 2021


For 22 months I have been holding back my perspectives on the actual situation of our society, our living together and our planet. Why? Because I was and I am still seeking for words that express what I feel, think and wish as a human. Words of integration and understanding, instead of appraising a right or a wrong.

Why today? As I was riding with my bike through the streets of Vienna, feeling the vibes of the large demo going on, the helicopters in the air… I felt so sad for all of us. As we are wasting so much energy in fighting against “the others” — those who go for a vaccination or those who don´t — instead of bundling our creativity, light and potential in order to build upon our future as humanity!

We are in this together

We are in a situation that seems to be out of our control, which means that we really have to put all our brains, hearts and hands together in order to unlock our future!
After having taken several points of views during these many months I kind of feel, that we are all uncertain about our future. Which makes us feel afraid. So we chose different ways to get there in the personally assumed best and sometimes easiest (?) way:

  • Some of us trying to sail around the (human caused) phenomenon of pandemics by forcing everybody for “this one (or more.. ähem) stitch(es)”, hoping for the good old times where we can continue on our way of living, exploiting planet earth and the majority of humans.
  • Others showing their solidarity with high-risk groups and “the collective”, acting against their personal belief, more or (more often) less public.
  • Others fighting against everything that is recommended by officals on principle, afraid of being manipulated by whatsoever. And probably enjoying this opportunity to speak up against the status quo?
  • And there are people who want to resist the new way of politics, where we changed over night from a democracy into a new style of making decisions — without any open discourse!
  • and there are many other shades of grey…

We have to talk!

Having undergone a profound education in the integral theory of Ken Wilber, I am convinced that everybody has the right for his/ her own perspective on these topics. BUT we should not trap into the illusion of our ego, making us feel to be right. I think that it is our duty to listen to as many perspectives a possible when it comes to our future. As we need a lot of creativity and all our talent in order to let this planet recover from all the mistakes we have made.

How dare we… not to build the Narrative for our Future?

Let´s stop being right. Let´s stop fighting for or against something! Let´s reconnect to ourselves and build upon what really matters to us — communities for new ways of cocreating, living, farming, travelling, building, caring for each other, parenting, learning… making arts… hey, all the so called obstacles we are facing right now are a WAKE UP CALL from the FUTURE — a big chance to take action! Let´s go for it!



Sabine Hoffmann

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