It´s time for me to speak up — for our FUTURE!

  • Some of us trying to sail around the (human caused) phenomenon of pandemics by forcing everybody for “this one (or more.. ähem) stitch(es)”, hoping for the good old times where we can continue on our way of living, exploiting planet earth and the majority of humans.
  • Others showing their solidarity with high-risk groups and “the collective”, acting against their personal belief, more or (more often) less public.
  • Others fighting against everything that is recommended by officals on principle, afraid of being manipulated by whatsoever. And probably enjoying this opportunity to speak up against the status quo?
  • And there are people who want to resist the new way of politics, where we changed over night from a democracy into a new style of making decisions — without any open discourse!
  • and there are many other shades of grey…



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Sabine Hoffmann

Sabine Hoffmann

Designing learning journeys for myself and people around me, to unleash their full potential in order to change this planet every day. #empowerthisplanet