Lately I have been watching the manifesto, as I would call it, from David Attenborough “A life on this planet which again encouraged me to engage and speak up for recreating the wilderness on this planet, to rebalance its natural system. In this blog I want to focus on HOW we can get there as a collective, starting as individuum, by redefining our way of thinking and doing.

There are concrete things that we can do, each of us in order to cultivate a mindset of self-efficacy and creation rather than complaining or becoming desperate. …

Vienna, March 9, 2020

One week ago, on March 9 my beloved grandma passed away. One of the sadest mornings in my life so far. As I had taken the weekend in order to say goodbye and thanks to the caring sympathy of my family and friends I could finally accept her going home while staying connected from heart to heart, across this universe.

What happened from Tuesday on, is history: the Austrian government urged us to stay at home and reduce social contacts. Which me and my team decided to do from the following day on.

In the last week of February 2020 I was exploring the principles of Digital Africa, the so called Silicon Savannah, together with a group of Austrians. The trip was organised and facilitaded by Next Africa, an initiative by Austrians and Africans.

Visiting Andela © Living Lab

Apart from the entrepreneurship and startup mentality, I was fascinated by the heart- and mindset of the Africans. On the first day I got to know Ronnie CK from The Kizomba District who talked about how to free your mind with dancing: “in order to be open for the world, for new solutions, for social inclusion.”

Nov 2018 downtown San Francisco, during the wildfires in California

It´s the start of a new year and Australia is burning, due to the climate crisis: “These fires have made climate change a reality of the present tense for many Australians. It is no longer something that we can put off to the future. To give some scale of the intensity of these fires, international media outlets have been reporting the 2018 California fires burnt 2 million acres; the 2019 Amazon fires 2.2 million, and the 2019 Siberian fires 6.7 million. So far, Australia’s 2019/20 fires have burnt 12 million acres.” Paul Niklen, Co-founder of @SeaLegacy

Please consider to donate…

Who of you knows the movie “Peaceful Warrior”? To be honest, I hardly ever watch videos, have even never seen a Netflix series. Yes, believe it or not.

But in my week of fasting this year, I followed the tip of my spiritual coach and watched this movie. What I took with me? “Here. Now. This Moment”. And I reminded me of my plans of integrating meditation into my life. Plans that I have been carrying with me for quite a long time. Trying to start several times. Never making it for long.

The next piece in this puzzle was…

Inspiration is one of the basic drivers for my life — for running my business, my leadership, my being with others and even being with myself… for me inspiration brings joy, curiosity and feeling connected to myself and others.

Being aware of the power of my inspirational spirit, I started observing its characteristics and sources at the beginning of this year in Jan 2019 in New Zealand:

When I was standing in front of the largest springs on New Zealand´s Northern Island I felt the impact of water, taking 70 years (!) in order to come out of the ground…

Every guide about the North Island of New Zealand tells you about the “Tongariro Alpine Crossing”. A 19,5 km trail through the 1.978 m high Tongariro. What they also say is, that the weather should be fine for this trip. Knowing all that we were prepared for the trip: as Austrians we know what a hiking tour in that dimension needs as equipment (hiking boots, waterproof jackets and trousers, warm hats, long underwear, sunglasses etc.). The guy of the basecamp told us the evening before that the weather might be windy and rainy, exactly for that day, January 3 that…

When we started off for canoeing on our New Zealand trip, the guy who rented out the tandem canoe looked at my husband and told him: “If you want to quit the canoe as happy couple you should be aware of the fact that for the next hours your wife (me) will be the boss — as she sits in front. She will be defining the rhythm.”

We laughed, I felt comfortable to be in the leading position and then we started. For the first 10 minutes it was hard to find a common rhythm. Me claiming my husband (being…

Walking around Moke Lake near Queenstown in the South of New Zealand, I realized how many different aspects you´d see by taking the time AND effort to have a closer look at projects, teams and topics. Every several steps we had a new perspective of the mountains, their picture in the lake and even the whole landscape. In these 2 hours I realized what will become the motto of my 2019….

How often would I only have a quick glance at a situation and instantly take a decision? Without taking my time for observing, asking for the WHY behind behaviors

Back in 2013 my physiotherapist motivated me to start climbing — „we will never meet again“, she promised and so it was. Climbing became a hobby for me that would radically change my leadership.

· A coach with a growth mindset focuses on your effort and the related results, unleashing your full potential: By giving me new challenges in every training, I feel neither bored nor in the panic zone. Having the chance to make progress in every single training. Never judging me as a person, honoring my effort and progress. …

Sabine Hoffmann

Designing learning journeys for myself and people around me, to unleash their full potential in order to change this planet every day. #sustainablefuture

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